Day eight by Mira | SPENDING TIME

A BOOK. I do research on a BOOK.

It has many empty pages.

There are traces on paper.


There is something between the pages, something that is alive –

or was alive –

or will be alive.


The In-Between of pages,

there is a living BODY.

pic_a pic_a1

Living In-Between of words. Of meaning.


What is the character of this BODY?

Its context? Its everyday-life? What are its goals?


This BODY looks a bit like that:



It moves like that:



It is able to do everything and at the same time so doubtful about it.

I is magic, and it is very close to my own person.

It is busy with relations to others, with the real, with the common, with work.


Mostly it is running in-between rain and home. It likes to communicate with kids.



Suddenly I have the feeling that this BODY it standing behind me and that it is several, changing faces.

Who are the bodies that created this BODY?

It lives In-Between of language and the very event of using it. As I read the words, I am, using the language again.

I’m doing anthropology as artistic practice.

Means: I am involved.

Means: While depicting this BODY, I alter it.


Am I part of it (now)?

What will be its identity? :

a model for A BODY and still the conqurete THS BODY, for US and dependend on US.

It shows the very act of doing anthropology as an artistic practice: The need of revealing social reality by an overview and at the same time the need of having an impact on it. It shows, in Kosuth’s words, the “dialectic relationship with the activity’s historicity (cultural memory) and the social fabric of present-day reality.”

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