desde la subalternidad de unos cuerpos agotados / from the subalternity of exhausted bodies

Rafa Tormo i Cuenca nos ha dejado esta mañana este vídeo. Rafa es parte del colectivo gloria&robert con quiénes compartirá con nosotros, el domingo 22 de junio desde la 12.00 horas, la maratón danzad, danzad, malditos.


Rafa Tormo i Cuenca has left  us this video this morning. Rafa is part of the collective gloria & robert  with whom will share with us on Sunday 22th June from 12.00 h. the Dance, dance, damned marathon.

[ the rebelion of bodiesthe day the deadline have finished, we just cut the road with an armchair and a party. The police approached,  sometimes talking to some but little else. It is 12 at night and we all hugged as if it was the beginning of a new year, a new course. We parted like a bunch of teenagers in the summer. One of the women who were going to be evicted says in my ear «do not let us alone, because you are family already.» They wanted to demolish a house but they have built a great home. A girl on tweeter summarizes: «look at yourself, we are others» ]

A day in the belfry of l ‘Assumpció the mare de Déu. Albadia.

A text about an eviction.

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